360 VR Video - Lua - This is a work in progress but short and sweet.


This is the first 30 - 45 seconds of an app. 3 to 4 minute 360 video. This is the very beginning phase for me. Here is the video and if you''re working on these kind of projects, you can scroll down for some of my discussion of issues:

I used...

o MakeHuman

o Blender

o Unity (with Helios plug-in & well worth the $25)

I had some issues with MakeHuman and the outfit not fitting. I could never get to the point where I understood how to attach the better fitting dress I tailored. If you look at her left arm (that points), you can see that there is a weighting problem. If you go into Edit Mode, there is REALLY a problem because it''s behind her about a foot. If I try and move it, it ruins the pose mode sooooo, I just left it.

f Now we get to Blender. Holy crap the F(U) button in the Action Script (which doesn''t show up unless you''re already on the Dope Sheet). WTF? If you don''t press that little button, nothing records and if you accidentally press it twice, when you load it into Unity, both come in with the same name. Not confusing at all. lol. Another issue is when animating in pose mode, make sure you are over the window for the bones when you want to key and save all of the keys every time. Just trust me.

Unity, wanna save a crap load of time? Here are 2 things... you can animate particles...whoop, whoop AND Helios plug in for recording from the asset store. I haven''t found another  way. It records the audio as well and will soon come with the stereo vision. It''s only $25 bucks and I had a slight issue and he spent an hour with me fixing it as soon as I asked.

For Unity, it''s very important to spend some serious time installing all the SDK and Java. Make sure to open and render the Google VR demo scene. I had some serious issues with Java and it was just a matter of Google VR trying to find things. Have the internet on when you open the demo scene as well.

After uploading to Youtube, it now starts off center to where it was originally filmed. All so weird since the video make at all phases started similarly to what is show in the featured image.  Also, it took 2 hours to upload this small section and then another hour for it to process.

That''s all I got until the next 30 seconds or so are added but I''m open to some suggestion on how to solve some of the issues. :)