A loooooooong time to get here, a ceramic lazy susan.

I was inspired to do this when I lived in the Chicago area. I've had them in a box for about 2 decades. Ann Sacks had a lounge chair made out of different sorts of leaves at NEOCON at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. They displayed it for years, never got old. I loved it, so I took a ceramic class and created my own templates (not the shiny blue ones, those were freeform) and made a bunch. I finally decided to do something with them. 

In my opinion, the lazy susan was perfect because it can be used for parties and I can use it on our kitchenette table, plus it's easy to move around. I found the round pieces and the lazy susan mount at Home Depot, Frank put it together. Somehow, I thought I had enough tiles to make something a LOT bigger, but I was left with 0- 2 tiles of each design when I was done with this.